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Letter: Who does Trump get his advice from?

The secret is finally out. Trump gets his advice on wearing face masks from the White House waiters. He actually admitted to this at an ... Read more

Paid political letter: I value honest religion

As I write these letters about my values, I respect you even if your values are different from mine. I am hopeful that you will ... Read more

Paid political letter: Vote for Thissen for state court

We all know that this election is beyond important. We will be voting for president, a United States senator and for congressional and state legislative ... Read more

Poll results: Do you agree with the Big Ten Conference decision to start its football season in October after all?

We asked readers at, “Do you agree with the Big Ten Conference decision to start its football season in October after all?" Read more

Editorial: Tribune Thumbs

To the third COVID-19 death in Freeborn County and an increase in new cases. We were saddened to hear news this week of the third ... Read more

Tribune editorial: Just leave the political signs alone where they are

Over the last few weeks, stories have run on the Associated Press and reports have been listed in our own newspaper of people stealing political ... Read more

Guest Column: To those fighting addiction — you’re not alone

Five years ago, I spent about a month and a half interviewing people who were battling addiction — as well as their loved ones and ... Read more

Guest Column: Reach out a hand and stand together as a community

Live United, by Erin Haag When my son was born, we spent three months of not knowing what his disease was. He was born a ... Read more

April Jeppson: Life is blessed by many amazing friends

Every Little Thing, by April Jeppson I met someone the other day, and they asked me how my reunion went. I was a little confused ... Read more

Paid political letter: Support a candidate who understands struggles

One in eight people are currently affected by hunger in Minnesota, and food insecurity is projected to peak this month. Second Harvest Heartland was started ... Read more

Paid political letter: End the maddness created by the GOP

Nancy MaxLean’s book, “Democracy in Chains: The Deep History of the Radical Right’s Stealth Plan for America,” is described by the publisher as:  “A piercing ... Read more

Letter: Abortion debate never broke easily on party lines

Now is the time for everyone to elect representatives who will help them survive the next decade. No one making less than $400,000 annual income ... Read more

Letter: Great experience with new health care provider

Just wanted Albert Lea people to know what great service Mercy One is offering right here in Albert Lea! I saw Dr. Lee today and ... Read more

Paid political letter: The way I see it

What politicians do not say is more important than what they do say. The Trump haters always condemn Trump’s every move. They do not say ... Read more

Letter: It’s time to let the Legislature have input regarding the pandemic

When did Gov. Walz and Sen. Sparks change from we all are going to get COVID-19 and we need to stop the peak to we ... Read more

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