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Congratulations to the owners of the new Man Between the Lakes store in downtown Albert Lea, which officially opened this week. Read more

Editorial: Don’t let anyone suffer from addiction alone

The sharp rise in drug overdose deaths reported by the Associated Press at the beginning of the week should come as no surprise given the ... Read more

April Jeppson: Love shown through purchasing shoes

I wrote about my mother a few weeks ago when she came down for a few days and helped me get some of my house ... Read more

Guest Column: Vaccine offers hope to return to what we love

As a primary care physician at Mayo Clinic, it’s my job to listen to and advise my patients on the best medical care for them. ... Read more

Capitol Comments: It’s time to bring the people’s voice back into government

Minnesota is now in its 14th month of a governor-declared “state of emergency.” Next week, Gov. Walz will announce his intentions on whether or not ... Read more

Letter: Do you know anyone who makes over $400K a year?

Have you heard? President  Biden wants to raise the taxes on anyone making over $400,000 a year. Do you know anyone who makes $400,000 a ... Read more

Letter: Libertarian group forming in A.L.

The newly established, Albert Lea Area Libertarians, has formed to address the local issues facing our homes, lives and community. We seek to uphold the ... Read more

Letter: End the mask requirements for children

It is time to end the mask requirements for our children. We are well past the point of rational views on children wearing masks. It ... Read more

Letter: Ensure this never happens again

Why has the governor waited so long to open everything? I want Mayor Rasmussen to tell City Attorney Kelly Martinez, Attorney General Keith Ellison and ... Read more

Editorial: Support small businesses

National Small Business Week is typically celebrated the first week in May every year, recognizing the important role small businesses make in society. It has ... Read more

Guest Column: Farm to food shelf is a lifeline for farmers and is a key to hunger relief

As what’s hopefully the worst of the pandemic is behind us, we must recognize the long road to recovery that’s ahead — especially for Minnesota ... Read more

Sarah Stultz: What events are in store this summer?

Let’s be honest. People are getting a little antsy to attend the summer events that we have grown to love over the years. I know ... Read more

Ask a Trooper: Drivers need prescription for darker tint

Question: If a person has a medical exception to a specified window tint level (per medical prescription by medial provider), do you have to register ... Read more

Al Batt: Thanks for laundering my money and other things, Mom

She was the last to know it was raining. I headed home from somewhere. Somewhere else someone had said, “Rain, rain go away, come again ... Read more

My Point of View: White supremacy sets back human achievement

Rick Santorum recently said in a speech to young conservatives, “We birthed a nation from nothing. I mean, there was nothing here. I mean, yes, ... Read more

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