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Editorial: Tribune’s 2021 Readers’ Choice awards are in

Inside the Tribune today, look for the Tribune Readers’ Choice Winners and Finalist section. This section is filled with thank yous from our local businesses. ... Read more

My Point of View: Vote for leaders who listen to scientists, are science literate

It was a gut punch to see meticulously-kept homes and fields violently clawed away by historic flooding that swept western Germany in mid-July. This is ... Read more

Ask a Trooper: How did Legionville get started in Minnesota?

Question: My son just got back from Legionville where he was selected to attend and will serve as a school patrol captain when school starts ... Read more

Al Batt: Finding fine times during all of the bad times in life

We are experiencing high call volume. That’s what the telephonic voice said. I was wearing a weather-beaten rain poncho as I punched the speaker button on ... Read more

Letter: How can we build back better?

Few of us enter the world through a Garden of Eden. Born into an inhospitable corner of the world, we soon become aware of our ... Read more

Letter: Who is Don Sorensen?

The other day, I overheard, “Who the #@!!  is Don Sorensen?” Fair question — I am an opinionated, 83-year-old, Midwestern farm boy, a constitutional conservative, ... Read more

Letter: Civic Music concerts are approaching

I am writing to encourage families with children to buy a season ticket to the Albert Lea Civic Music concert series. I have enjoyed music ... Read more

Letter: Can Democrats, Republicans in Congress start working together?

I am tired. No, not physically, but I am tired. Tired of hearing from Democratic friends of how bad the Republicans are. Republicans don’t care ... Read more

Letter: Why aren’t things getting addressed?

Why don’t you talk about the corrupt politicians who took advantage of the innocent people for no reason? Or why is there corruption in our ... Read more

Letter: Be kinder than necessary at open forums

On Jan. 22, 2021, I wrote what might be one of the shortest letters to the editor in this history of this paper. It stated, ... Read more

Editorial: Support each other, offer kindness to all you meet

This past year has been a challenging one for everyone with added stress and obstacles for many to endure during the pandemic. Some who have ... Read more

Editorial: Tribune Thumbs

To poor decorum during recent public forums. We love that there have been more people out to attend local government meetings recently, but we have ... Read more

Ask a Trooper: Am I required to wear shoes while driving?

Question: Is it illegal to drive barefoot in Minnesota? Read more

Senate Report: One bill, one vote needed in Minnesota

Now that session is over, I wanted to talk about one of the things I ran on: “one bill, one vote.” I got an in-depth ... Read more

April Jeppson: Take time to refresh for yourself as needed

I’m writing this week from the comfort of the Coralville, Iowa, Drury Inn. I met some of my Scentsy team down here to watch our ... Read more

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