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Editorial: Don’t forget why we celebrate the 4th of July

The Fourth of July is typically one of the best holidays to celebrate in Albert Lea. The city usually is filled with events, whether it ... Read more

Editorial: Tribune Thumbs

To the announcement that the Albert Lea Convention and Visitors Bureau will move into the same building as the Albert Lea-Freeborn County Chamber of Commerce ... Read more

Editorial roundup: What rural areas need

Taking talking points from the increasingly extreme ideology of its national party, the Minnesota GOP spends a great deal of time building a narrative about ... Read more

April Jeppson: Sit down July — I don’t want any lip from you

We’ve made it! We’re finally in July. I do believe that means we’re on Level 7 of Jumanji or something. I like the Jumanji reference ... Read more

Live United: Teach youth about working in a nonprofit as a career

Did you know that the nonprofit sector accounts for 13% of the job sector in Minnesota? When job hunting, students don’t often think about, “I’m ... Read more

Amy Klobuchar: Protecting seniors during the pandemic

Coronavirus has changed just about everything about our lives, but for our nation’s seniors, the toll of this virus has been particularly devastating. Those over ... Read more

Letter: Together we must make it safe

Yesterday, I was at Barnes and Noble in Burnsville. A sign met me as I walked into the entrance. It said, “For the sake of ... Read more

Poll results: What do you think about schools in Iowa being able to reopen to normal activities July 1 without requirements, such as health checks, face masks and social distancing?

We asked readers at, “What do you think about schools in Iowa being able to reopen to normal activities July 1 without requirements, such ... Read more

Editorial: Younger residents must be cautious for everyone

Statistics across the state and the nation are showing a higher increase in COVID-19 cases among young adults in recent weeks as bars, stores and ... Read more

Sarah Stultz: Daughter’s lessons especially relevant today

Because of COVID-19, I haven’t been over to the splash pad much this summer. The last few years, it has been a nice place to go ... Read more

Al Batt: It’s summertime and I hear that the living is uneasy

Stay near the flyswatter. It’s summer. When is it truly summer? When there is no sign of winter anywhere. It’s a beautiful summer day here at the ... Read more

My Point of View: State representative has not challenged the status quo

We need fresh representation in the state house. Our current representative is short-sighted on investments, anti-science on life-threatening issues and silent on the racially-biased status ... Read more

Letter: Experiencing a wake-up call

May 25, 2020, was the day I woke up. I watched on TV the video of George Floyd, a Black man being murdered in Minneapolis, ... Read more

Letter: Do you care about others’ health?

I must be one of the few people who believe COVID-19 is a real health threat, not just indoors, but outdoors. We were at Home ... Read more

Letter: What’s so radical about saying ‘Black Lives Matter’?

Angie Hoffman’s letter to the editor of June 24 has so many exaggerations and untruths that I don’t know where to begin or where to ... Read more

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