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Albert Lea ninja warriors compete

The Albert Lea Gymnastics Club hosted an Albert Lea Youth Ninja Warrior competition Saturday morning at its facility  on Y.H. Hanson Avenue.

Many children showed up to compete in a number of different divisions. There were individual divisions for 5 to 8 year olds, as well as 9 and older; and team divisions for the same age groups.

The athletes earned points for successfully completing numerous objectives as they were timed on their way through the course.

Obstacles such as a cargo net, swinging monkey bars, sliding rings, a climbing wall, a warped wall and many more awaited the warriors throughout the course.

Final results were as follows:

5-8 year old individuals

Tier 1: Gold

1. Ledger Haase (points: 25/time: 2:29)

2. Alexander Hoffman (points: 24/time: 2:18)

3. Ryker Bayerkohler (points: 23/time: 2:29)

4. Lorenzo Barr (points: 23/time: 2:36) 

5. Kennedy Goodmanson (points: 23/time: 2:55)

6. Kellen Flo (points: 23/time: 4:11)

Tier 2: Silver

1. Ledger Moyer (points: 22/time: 2:46)

2. Mason Schroeder (points: 22/time: 3:09)

3. Casper Munson (points: 21/time: 2:45)

4. Olivia Vanthavong (points: 21/time: 2:47)

5. Johnny Danielson (points: 21/time: 3:21)

6. Jace Possin (points: 21/time: 4:05)

Tier 3: Bronze

1. Bennett Holl (points: 20/time: 7:01)

2. Evan Nesse (points: 19/time: 3:14)

3. Gemma Kramer (points: 19/time: 3:27)

4. Cullen Hall (points: 18/time: 2:50)

5. Oliver Rasmussen (points: 18/time: 3:53)

6. Dean Lennie (points: 17/time: 5:34)

9 and older individuals

Tier 1: Gold

1. Devin Friehl (points: 32/time: 2:51)

2. Braylon Moyer (points: 31/time: 2:35)

3. Micah Schuster (points: 31/time: 3:10)

4. Drew Cline (points: 30/time: 2:33)

5. Jackson Gaston (points: 30/time: 3:50)

6. Gabby Thomas: (points: 29/time: 2:23)

Tier 2: Silver

1. Aiden Boss (points: 29/time: 2:44)

2. Ethan Crissinger (points: 29/time: 3:26)

3. Noah Johnson (points: 28/time: 2:27)

4. Ashton Sternhagen (points: 27/time: 4:09)

5. Jarius Hurley (points: 26/time: 4:12) 

6. Leo Rasmussen (points: 26/time: 4:14)

Tier 3: Bronze

1. Mallory Lamers (points: 25/time: 3:05)

2. Nikals Dowling (points: 25/time: 3:46)   

3. Damien Estes  (points: 24/time: 5:11)

4. Rylan Hall (points: 21/time: 2:40)

5. Lawson Schmidt (points: 17/time: 2:46)

5-8 year old teams

Tier 1: Gold

1. Johnny Danielson & Kellen Flo (points: 25/time: 4:20)

2. Gemma Kramer & Brielle Schroeder (points: 24/time: 2:50)

3. Lorenzo Barr & Logan Habben (points: 22/time: 2:17)

Tier 2: Silver

1. Evan Nesse, Caleb Schroeder, Casper Munson (points: 21/time: 3:44)

2. Ledger Moyer & Oliver Rasmussen (points: 20/time: 3:54)

3. Dag Levisen, Finn Habben, Bekk Sorenson (points: 20/time: 4:13)

9 and older teams

Tier 1: Gold

1. Abby Brand, Gwen Brand, Simon Brand, Marcus Brand (points: 32/time: 1:53)

2. Drew Cline & Noah Johnson (points: 31/time: 2:18)

3. Milo Cafourek, Hans Jeppson, Aiden Boss (points: 30/time: 2:31)

4. Olivia Vanthavong, Alana Attig, Zayda Thompson, Lydia Thompson (points: 30/time: 2:59)

Tier 2: Silver

1. Drew Cline, Jayden Seefus, Shay Broskoff (points: 30/time: 3:00)

2. Braylon Moyer, Laina LaFrance, Mallory Lamers (points: 29/time: 3:01)

3. Niklas Dowling & Travis Ness (points: 29/time: 3:52)

Tier 3: Bronze

1. Anders Levisen, Jett Sorenson, Laina LaFrance, Ashton Sternhagen (points: 28/time: 3:41)

2. Ryker Bowman , Deegan Collison, Ethan Crissinger (points: 23/time: 4:12)

3. Leo Rasmussen, Lawson Schmidt, Deegan Collison (points: 22/time: 3:57)


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